Clipping path is a process in Adobe Photoshop which is mainly used for removing background from the image. Nowadays people are becoming trendy and they look for specific products in a universal manner. The trend in fashion, trends in food, trends in lifestyle and so on are highly depended on images.

Clipping Path service plays a great role here. Using the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, the specific product can easily be cut out from the existing background to place on another background. Day by day e-commerce websites are increasing and images are the essential factor to increase sales. Putting this concern on the head, we emphasized on this service so that we can assist our clients with cut out in an accurate manner.

We have researched the data on the last few years and found that Photo Cut Our service is the most common and chosen service.


Multi Clipping path is another image editing technique through which a client can get the product in several layers. By applying this technique, we can easily separate the different areas of a product in several layers.

In the E-commerce market, Multi Clipping Path makes a huge difference when clients want to separate each item from an individual product. After making different layers, the client can work with the layered items using Adobe Photoshop. Basically it’s an extension of a single clipping path. Using the pen tool, we path around the desired areas of a product and place those in separate layers so that the client can modify the items for further use.

To expand the different areas of a product there is no other service is best like Multi Clipping path. A lot of online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, recommend or even require product photos in different angles and for having that Multi Cut Out is the best option. So it’s a form of a clipping path where we usually clip different areas with different layers and whenever you click on the layers you will see the sharp clipped areas.

At Alpha Clipping Path, we know the importance of getting your desired products in separate layers.


Removing background for the images that have furry areas or hairs are not easy, It needs experience and perfection to bring out a realistic look while removing the background. Most of the consumers like to see products or models with products in a clear colour background (preferably white). To cut out these images and place in a white background perfectly needs a different service than the clipping path. Which is called image masking.

Image masking service is another process in Adobe Photoshop through which designers remove the background from any image which is blurry around outline, gaps or hair. To remove background from the hairy or furry area, it is the most Ideal service among all photoshop techniques. There are a lot of e-commerce sites who upload Model images and images with the furry area and on these cases, we discourage clipping around those areas as masking is the ultimate solution in these situations. The outcome of masking service really accurate where clipping path fails to get the accuracy.

Alpha clipping path offers an affordable pricing range in this segment. Quality is ensured and your precious time will be saved at a very convenient price.


Do you want to save your precious money and time? Then Alpha Clipping Path will be your best image editing service provider for shadow services because all types of shadow services will be provided within your targeted budget.

Using Shadows DIY and professionally helps to make product photos look best. Plus, it helps to create a visual effect. We are providing drop shadow, natural shadow, floating shadow, cast shadow or reflection shadow to give the best outcome.

Alpha Clipping Path has an expert high quantity Shadow service provider team. Alpha Clipping Path will able to do any volume of images within the tight schedule. We ensure high quality for each image. We provide a special discount for your bulk number of photos.

We have a well-trained team to ensure you best and error-free service at delivery. All your images will be hundred percent secure to us. We provide a reliable & secure system for file transfer. So, you can feel secure with us.


Alpha Clipping Path is one of the trusted photo retouching service providers in the image editing industry. Photo retouching service is very artistic working for us, which requires a lot of passion. We take your requirements seriously so that our graphic design team can provide your desired outcome. Our working process is not like others. In the first stage, we check your images according to your requirements. In the second stage, our designers find out the part that needs to retouch and enhance. Then we carefully apply all the latest technology on your images according to your requirement.  Our image editing team are very skilled and experienced with photo retouching. At Alpha Clipping Path, We are providing all type of photo retouching services. You have to tell us what you require. Alpha Clipping Path will deliver according to your requirements. We provide best image retouching service within tight schedule and budget. You can send us images for a free trial. We are Promising that you will get high-quality service from us.

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