How to Hire Your Product Photographer

How to Hire Your Product Photographer: 9 Important Facts You Should consider!

Hey there! Are you thinking about to start your online business? One of the most important factor in your online business is your photos. Because the first thing your customers are going to see is how the product looks. So, it can’t go wrong with the photography. You need to hire professional product photographer to shoot your photos with flawless image editing.

50% of online buyers want to see at least three photos of the product. And images with poor quality can’t attract customers. So, it’s not a joke to hire a freelance photographer. It can be costly depending on your requirements (thousands of dollars). But high quality images can boost your sales, right?

You need to check all your potential candidates by examining portfolios and testimonials. But, I am giving 9 important facts you need to consider before hiring your product photographer.

Availability of equipment

Your photographer must have the right lens and camera. But that’s not enough. Along with good lenses and camera your guy need to have proper equipment settings.

They need to take care of the lighting, props and straightening your products. The right equipment may also fix your necessary things for your product photography.

Background and experience

Though it is the portfolio that determines the selections of your photographer, but certificates and experience make it easy to select. There are also some questions that you may ask before selecting your photographer.

  • Where did he train?
  • How long has he been in this sector?
  • Is he a certified professional photographer?
  • Did he work with similar projects?
  • Who are his previous clients?

So, an experienced photographer may bring out your needs that you may not think about your work. You may also contact their instructors to know more about their work and experience.

Pricing and quantity

The most important factor while choosing your photographer is the pricing. You should know your budget. As an online retailer, you have different budget for different purposes like marketing, branding, production etc. So you won’t want to spend most of your money in photography. So be frank about your budget with your photographer. You need to select the best candidate with effective pricing.

Ask your candidates what they offer. Suppose you have two candidates on hand. One promises 50 photos per day with a daily charge of $1000. So it will be $20 per image. Second one want to work for hourly rate. He can take 5 photos in an hour and charge $80 per hour. So, it will be $16 per photo.

If their experience and quality matches, you should go for the second one. Also, you need to figure out how many images you need to take. It may not need the whole day. So, an hourly rate should be fine for you in such cases.

Don’t hire a photographer based on the per-image rate only. It doesn’t matter how low the pricing is, you can’t fill your basket with images that doesn’t look good.

Check the portfolio

You can’t consider giving your job anyone without seeing his portfolio. Check that thoroughly whether it matches your project or not. Also you will get an idea about the past works he has done with other projects.

Try to select photos from his portfolio to give him an idea about the quality you are looking for. If you can find similar items from his portfolio, it’s a plus for you.

What’s in the package?

When it comes to choose between candidates, always consider what they are offering in the package. It is better to be fare before agreement to know the package and additional charges if there is any. Here are some issues that need to solved before the agreement.

  • Overtime
  • Studio
  • Props and sets
  • Travel allowance
  • Photo edits

So, talk with them about these. If you want to edit your images perfectly afterwards with an affordable rate, Alpha clipping path is always at your service.

Delivery time

We all have our schedules for specific works. So it is necessary to determine the delivery time. You can get the unedited photos right after the shooting. But if you need them edited, you should fix the delivery time.

If you have a tight schedule, go for the one who can provide larger batches with a short amount of time. Also, you may not need the images early, but a fixed schedule will help you determine the other works related to your images.

Don’t worry if you are on a hurry to get your images edited. You can always contact an image editing service provider like Alpha clipping path. Most of the outsource companies provides edited images in quickest turnaround time possible.

Copyrights and Security

Rights, license agreement and copyright issues need to be cleared before going under a project agreement. Your photographers may claim the creative rights. But it is up to you as a paying customer and owner of the products to select the usage of the images.

As an example, you need the images for a product launching. Then, you can’t give permission to your photographer to use those images in his portfolio before the launching. It may harm your business.

So these issues should be mentioned on the agreement before handover the project.

Back up plans

Everyone need a back-up plan for any project. Your photographer may feel sick or any unwanted incident can occur during the photo-shoot. But you need to fulfill the project in scheduled time period.

So, ask your photographer if he has his backups in such cases. Is he able to maintain the quality with his backup plans? This is very much important.

Defining yourself

One of the most important task is to define your project to your photographer. You can have a long discussion about how your product or models should look, show some example and make everything clear. Make sure he understands your vision about the project.

It’s the same for your photographer too. Ask him if he has any questions regarding your products or models. A good relationship can surely enhance the results.

Finally, it’s your choice. You should go through every detail possible before moving further with the project. Because in e-commerce or online business your photos are the most valuable assets. Consider these factors and we hope these will help you selecting the right candidate for your product photography.