Importance of Neck Joint Service for fashion Products

In Image Editing services, Neck joint or Ghost Mannequin service is one of the best tasks to remove the mannequin from the apparel photos in fashion photography. It sometimes is known as hollow man effect, and the name is known as nation wise. In online business of fashion apparel perfect fitting of good looking fashion clothing photos on your website or social media. For clicking your fashion apparel photos, you must consider the ideal fitting.

The apparel must be put on a mannequin. Now it is ready for taking pictures. After clicking the apparel photos on the mannequin, professional graphics designers cut out the outside mannequin parts so that only apparel photos can get clearly without the mannequin. While you are cutting the mannequin part, your apparel neck will be reduced. Then join the back part of the central element in the picture. It is called neck joint service.

Categories of Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop

  • 3D or 360 Degree
  • Neck Joint
  • Bottom Joint
  • Sleeves Joint
3D or 360 Degree :

If you want to use 3D/360° image for online e-commerce sites, then 3D or 360 degree hot will be best ghost mannequin effect.  A Rich Media for e-commerce sites or animation video on Pack-shot Photography, send us your photo in various angles, and also join the lost parts (top, neck, bottom, sleeves).

Neck Joint :

In Neck joint, Graphics designers remove the mannequin from apparel, which creates the blank space at the neck. Then they join back of the neck of clothing and the front parts’ photos. It helps to give a full shape and also give the original ghost mannequin effect.

Bottom Joint :

In Bottom joint, The Photoshop effect is applied to the long tail apparel items. There are few apparel items which may require the back part longer than the front part in cloth. By Removing plastic doll or mannequin from such apparel, now the task is to join the bottom part of Photoshop.

Sleeves Joint :

Here service is required to get rid of the mannequin from the hollow a part of the sleeves and supply a ghost impact. The sleeve shirts, T-shirts, jackets, etc. are the instance of some sleeves joint.

Ghost mannequin/Neck joint image by Alpha Clipping Path

Why Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service is essential for fashion Products?

When fashion photographers click pictures of apparel on a mannequin, at that time, it must be considered that the back and inner side of that cloth remains hidden.

To show apparel inner part and to remove the mannequin from the picture no need to click a new photo of products of the inner side as ghost neck joint service can help us. Here ghost mannequin’s services are essential.

Alpha Clipping Path is the quality Ghost Mannequin service provider. We are working with best quality in ghost mannequin service. You can get a clear idea by taking our available free trial service.

Who are the clients of Ghost Mannequin Service?

If you are new or existing in the e-commerce business and dealing with online fashion apparel products or if you are a seller or garment dress seller, then you will need a ghost mannequin service.

People who are engaged with cloth, products must need Ghost mannequin service to make your apparel photos more exciting and masterpiece. No one likes to show the apparel photos with doll or mannequin in e-commerce websites or social platforms.

That’s why e-commerce store owners make their apparel photos attractive by using ghost mannequin service to target customers and increase their cloth product sell.

How to capture a perfect photo for Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service?

Photographer who do Neck Joint require mannequin, styling tools, High Tech camera, proper lighting and the fashion clothes. The first step of doing ghost mannequin is choosing the right size and shape of the mannequin and put on the clothes on that plastic doll or mannequin.

Now, the second step is to remove unnecessary parts of mannequins to focus on clothing in more detail. The pieces should be removed carefully as it helps to click pictures more perfectly. After removing portions of a mannequin, now the third step is putting on clothes into the mannequin. It requires passion and carefulness. The dress must be put on gently. The shoulders must be adjusted smoothly so that it can be shown correctly.  There should be no stretching in clothes.

The next step is using styling tools to style the mannequin by putting up the clothes and other elements. Tissue paper can be used to bulk specific places and styling pin to make the mannequin fit on those clothes. There should be no noticeable creases on clothes. The next step is clicking photos of that mannequin on clothes. The lighting and angle must be perfect as it can cause the picture poorly.

After clicking the photograph, the last and foremost part is editing images to remove mannequin through Photoshop and focusing on the detail of clothes.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service for Fashion Products

  • Ghost Mannequin Service helps to enhance the distinctness
  • On the e-commerce platform, Ghost Mannequin Service increases the conversion rate
  • Ghost Mannequin Service is Cheap than taking a human model
  • Ghost Mannequin Service Gives enhancing the commercial look to ordinary images
  • Ghost Mannequin Service helps to give the most precise images of apparels to customers
  • Neck Joint Service helps to provide a full effect on apparel photos in the garments sector, apparel industry and fashion brands

In Online Clothing Business, image editing plays a vital role. That’s why professional image editor focuses more on Ghost neck joint. In Ghost Neck Joint service, the background is also an important topic. Without a good background, principal object of a product can’t be pictured perfectly. In Neck Joint Service effect, Background removing must be done carefully as it must be a focus on apparel only to create Ghost Neck Joint effect.

So the essential thing in Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint is background removal. That’s why Ghost neck joint service is so crucial for fashion products.