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What is Clipping Path and why it is important?

There is no doubt that the popularity of online shopping is growing significantly among our modern society. People are feeling more relevant to shop more at home.  The products online shops offer are coming with a lot of variety and kinds. In online and offline both, image plays a significant role. Raw images can’t attract target customers, which can be attracted by edited photos.

In Image Editing Industry Clipping Path is the most used name. According to Wikipedia, the definition of clipping path is

Photo Cut Out or clipping path is known as closed vector path, or shape used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software.

– Wikipedia

Clipping path is also known as Photo Cut Out.  When Photo Cut Out applies inside of the path is included and outside is omitted. Professional image editors use Photo Cut Out by using Photoshop techniques. If you want to isolate anything from background including the background, clipping path or Photo Cut Out is used to separate that object or background to replace the new one.

shoe clipping path image by alpha clipping path

Clipping path is a technique of Photoshop in which the pen tool is used to remove the image background. If you want to avoid sharp and smooth edges from the image, the clipping path will be the best solution.

Photo cut out is a time-consuming process because a poorly drawn clipping path provides the fake appearance of the background. It can affect the brand with the product.  A bad image can tarnish your brand quickly. If you want to create strength in the e-commerce marketplace, then you must need a Photo cut out service.

Process of Clipping Path or Photo Cut Out

Photo cut out doesn’t always give natural result; most of the time, the result is unrealistic. Most of the image editing company use Photo cut out very carefully to obtain the best result.  Photoshop is used for Photo cut out service. Photo cut out can be done through two different types:

Single Clipping Path/Photo Cut Out:

In Single Photo cut out or professional image editors create a single path for each image. In this procedure, the image background is removed from a single image from the original context of the picture.

Single clipping path image by Alpha Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path:

In Multiple Photo Cut Out service, more than one images are used in which various parts of images need to be isolated for making it changeable for different purposes. Garments apparels images are used mainly in multiple Photo cut out or clipping path.

Why Photo Cut out should be used?

In Product Photography, creating the natural and original image is very much essential. Clipping path plays a vital role in this sector. The benefit or importance of the photo cut out is that it permits you to change/remove the background of the detail or object from the image. Photo Cut out is proved to be useful in creating white backgrounds for promoting and marketing online and offline.

Photo Cut Out assist in showing subjects in numerous discourse settings, enabling you to feature entirely new backgrounds to form the scene for an image. Whether you’ve got one picture or an enormous batch of images from your latest photoshoot, Photo cut out service is very much applicable for creating a variety of eventualities.

Professional image editors know very well about this and take the best care of your images very carefully so no one can identify the changes done in the raw picture in final results. And clipping path image editing services by professionals is the most popular way to get the best outcome.

Colour Correction image of Alpha Clipping Path

Who are the clients of Photo cut out Services?

After all the discussion, the question which is spinning in your head is who the people who need Photo cut out service are? Well, the answer is straightforward. Who wants to create advertisements for their products or services are the clients of clipping path service. Most of the e-commerce owner takes Photo cut out service as they are working with numerous products with varieties. If you are working with a single image editing or a batch of multiple photos editing, your busy photographer can’t give you enough time with enormous quantities of images. Most of the freelancers, e-commerce shop owners and agencies working in tight deadlines failed to provide their deliveries. They are in very much in need of Photo cut out service, that’s why they use this service to get rid of the turnaround time.

Professional graphic designers also need Photo cut out for images for their professional work and to solve these types of problems by Photo cut out services. Professional photography cannot ignore the need for Photo to cut out because unwanted backgrounds can easily distract customers. For an online e-commerce seller, clipping path or photo cut out is essential to increase sell in online and target customers of product and services.


For the fashion industry, Fashion apparels, web image optimization, Electronics, toys, furniture, cars, online property stores, jewellery, accessories, sports products, Home & kitchen appliances and many others, for all clipping path or Photo cut out is essential for creating masterpiece image. Clipping path service drives down not only the product photography cost but also it saves time and headache. You don’t need to click the same pictures for the second time. With the raw Photo, Photo cut out service can efficiently work.

As we have to come to the end of today’s blog, I would like to thank the viewers for reading my article from first to end. Photo cut out has become a necessary tool in image editing and proper use of this can result magnificent output. If you have any confusion about clipping path then please contact our customer support to get the best assistance.

Thank you.

clipping path service provider

Clipping path service providers in India and Bangladesh

Hey there! Thanks for coming here to know about clipping path service providers in India and Bangladesh. The southeast region of Asia is known to be the most prominent in this industry for their fast, reliable and quality maintaining approach. We hope you will like to read the full writing to know about why India and Bangladesh are way ahead in this clipping path industry.


In the era of this online business, images are the most valuable assets to attract customers and generate sales. But it’s not always easy to make images perfect. It takes a lot of time and patience to make them appealing to customers. That’s why outsourcing for image editing comes handy in this situation. But you should always consider some factors before giving your images for editing purposes to a clipping path service provider. Security, affordability, quality and time management are the key factors of choosing companies for image editing services. And image editing service providers in India and Bangladesh have maintained these factors very well.


How professionally Alpha Clipping Path edits your images.


In this Article you will get:


# Why India and Bangladesh have so many clipping path service providers?


  1. Affordability
  2. Quality
  3. Manpower
  4. Security
  5. Easy Payment Methods
  6. Customer Support
  7. Reviews and Ratings
  8. Employment opportunities


# Some of the well-known Clipping Path Service Providers in this region


Why India and Bangladesh have so many clipping path service providers?


Over the past 25 years, India has become the country most associated with outsourcing expertise due to their affordable approach and quality. They are providing various outsourcing services to American or European clients. As a neighbour country, Bangladesh has also stepped into this industry and made a solid impact in a quick time. The key factors that drive the companies in these two countries are:


  1. Affordability: Graphic designing is not a cheap thing in European or American region. Hourly rate for graphics designers is really high there. This is the part where service providers in Bangladesh and India come ahead. They have experienced designers who can provide the editing or clipping path services at a very cheap rate (almost 70% cheaper).
  2. Quality: You may think with cheaper rate comes the cheaper quality. It’s really not true in case of outsourcing services. Clipping path services along with other photo retouching services are cheaper in the Indian region, but they do not compromise with the quality. You can find many well-known image editing service providers in this region who maintained their reputation very well.
  3. Manpower: Another key factor is manpower. Most of the image editing companies have separate teams for different services. So experience is used perfectly, quality is checked thoroughly and it is easy to provide fast deliveries due to the availability of manpower.
  4. Security: We know most of the clients are worried about the security of their images. As in many cases, there is a panic to get the images in the wrong hand before launching your products. But security is well maintained here in the Indian region. Most of the companies are ready to sign NDA paper as proof of maintaining security as Alpha Clipping Path.
  5. Easy payment method: Payment method can be an issue regarding outsourcing business. But some methods like Paypal, Payoneer, skrill and stripe have solved this problem. Clients can pay through their debit/credit card or PayPal account easily. Also, these companies provide refund policies due to any fault in services.
  6. Customer support: Communication is the main factor of successful outsourcing experience. So, the most important department of outsourcing companies is Customer Support. As there is a time-related issue for global distance, customer support department remain always active. They always respond as soon as possible to avoid any delay in work. Most of them are well behaved, friendly and very responsive to the clients. They also have a swift knowledge about the requirements of clients which they learn from proper training.
  7. Reviews and Ratings: To choose your clipping path service provider, you can always consider reviews and ratings from different sites. Google reviews and Trustpilot ratings are considered authentic in such cases. Companies in India and Bangladesh have good reports on this stage.
  8. Employment opportunities: As you know, the unemployment rate is so high on this region, these out sourcing companies have made a great impact on this situation in recent years. Government of India and Bangladesh also support them by creating many institutions for graphics designing and outsourcing. This helps to bring out well trained designers who spent years on this training. So you can be assured that your images are on safe hands.


The most challenging part of outsourcing is to get started. Choosing a reliable and affordable partner for your photo edit is really a hassle. But you can rely on clipping path service providers from Bangladesh. It’s also a great thing that most of these companies have their branches in overseas places like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. So you can also contact in person if you belong to such regions.


Here are some well-known Clipping Path Service Providers in this Indian region:


  1. Alpha Clipping Path
  2. Clipping Path India
  3. Clipping Path King
  4. Creative Clipping Path
  5. Clipping Path India Service


Most of the photographers are now giving their images to be edited to some outsource companies. Because it saves time and makes their job easier. So they can focus on their shooting more rather than editing. This clipping path industry is still growing in India and Bangladesh. We, Alpha Clipping path is one of the most affordable clipping path service provider operating from this region.


clipping path much needed service for E-commerce image

Clipping path is a much needed service in your E-commerce business

Hi guys, as you have reached to this article that means you have a question about clipping path/photo cut out. So today we are going to help you to remove your confusion through today’s writing. More and more brands are introducing every day. The competition in the e-commerce industry is getting higher. Attracting target customers and sustaining their attention for a long time is not easy. If new products are not presented wisely and failed to attract the attention of customers, then it will be doom for the business. The attractively presented product can attract attention through high-quality pictures.

Role of Clipping Path/Photo Cut Out in E-commerce business

Today People are living in the E-Commerce era. In E-commerce, image is the main factor which attracts the attention of customers and increases sales. Being an owner of the e-commerce site, you need to be always careful with photos of products. A magnificent picture is the first condition in online business.

Clipping Path in Image editing plays a significant role in product photography of E-Commerce. Photo Cut Out service ensures High-quality images for products. E-commerce business needs clipping path services to increase online and offline sales and attracts the target audience. So now we are going to disclose why your e-commerce business needs clipping path/Photo cut out service. Before beginning, let’s start with what the clipping path/photo cut out is.

What is Clipping Path or Photo Cut out service?

In image editing industry, clipping path is a popular term used which is also known as deep etch, photo cut out and also closed vector path. In Image editing, clipping path/photo cut out helps you to create your product photos more appealing and outstanding to your customers. Photo cut out process works by removing unnecessary objects from the background of photos also the whole background of the images.

If you did not get how clipping path works, then let me give you an example to make it easier. Imagine when we cut picture or photograph from the newspaper clipping path does the same. Neat and clean background of photo attracts customers.

Photo Cut Out makes images more professional and focused.  It is not only separate your product from one background to another but also makes the product eye-catchy and stand out from thousands of others. Poor and low-quality representation of a product or service with no attention to detail can damage the reputation and brand of a business.

Why Your E-Commerce Business Need Clipping Path Or Photo Cut Out Services?

The Process to prepare photos for selling through online is known as e-commerce image optimization. If we want to give a clear idea about the product, we must provide it through the picture online.

In E-commerce, more and more brands are introducing every day. Product Photography has become a crucial part of e-commerce. The product photography consists of two parts: One is clicking a good picture and the second one is the post-processing of that picture. Clipping path/ Photo Cut Out is very much essential tool for product photography. The advantage of the clipping path/ Photo Cut Out is that it permits you to change the background and unnecessary objects of the background of your image.

Photo cut out is often particularly useful in making white backgrounds for marketing online. It may assist you in showing your subjects in various discourse settings, enabling you to feature entirely different backgrounds to form the scene for your image. Professional image editor takes the best care of images very carefully so no one can identify the changes in final results. So clipping path/ photo cut out image-editing services by professionals is the most popular way to get the best.

The secret to editing your image is simple, you need to look as a viewer rather than an editor.

– Alex Smith

In which sector photo cut out can be utilized in various e-commerce services:

•    Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry

•    Jewellery, footwear, bags and accessories industry

•    Fashion apparel industry

•    Baby accessories industry

•    Kitchen accessories industry

•    Electronic products industry

Now-a-days, people are feeling more reliable and confident about online shopping. It saves cost and time. Home delivery makes life so much easier. From medicine to beauty products, all can be found online. All types of industries especially Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry, Jewellery, footwear, bags and accessories industry, Fashion apparel industry, Kitchen accessories industry, baby accessories industry and Electronic products industry are more dependent on online for promoting and marketing their product and services. In these sectors, clipping path/Photo Cut Out can be utilized as a much-needed service.

Final Words

E-commerce business needs a skilled and professional image editor for making raw images into a masterpiece before uploading in e-commerce site. Pictures must be clear to provide detail and idea about the product so that customers can get the idea. We are living in the online digital e-commerce era. Online shopping has been trendy nowadays. From needle to the aeroplane, all can be bought from online. E-commerce sites are taking a great place in people’s lives rapidly.

Lives of people are becoming so much easier because of online shopping facilities. Variety of products with different characteristics in a popular brand can be found in e-commerce sites. Product photography plays a leading role in e-commerce sites. Images speak louder than thousands of words.

All of the E-commerce sites are influenced by product photography. Image editing like clipping path/Photo cut out plays a main role in product photography.  If you are looking for a company from where you will get high-quality product image editing services with straightening, resizing, cropping and formatting to publish for any advertising purpose at a most affordable rate then Alpha Clipping Path is the best solution for you. That’s for today.

Happy Online surfing!