Find out how to improve sales of your products or services!

Everyone has bought goods or services online at least once; maybe, just while you are reading this article, a tab of your browser could be opened on the product page of e-commerce, or on a landing page oriented to the sale of a service you want to buy. Any site that wants to increase its online sales must therefore necessarily adopt the best strategies to improve the visibility of its website in order to intercept the needs of its users.

Are you the owner of an e-commerce or would you like to find new potential customers to offer your services to? In this article, I will reveal 5 strategies to increase online sales. Discover them now!

1. Increase online sales with SEO on-page

Increase online sales with SEO on-page

How many times have you heard of Search Engine Optimization? SEO is nothing more than a set of techniques that allow a site to appear in early search engine results in response to user queries.

A study carried out by Advanced Web Ranking shows that, on average, the first Google search result (with desktop search) gets about 30% of clicks, the second 15%, the third 10%, the fourth 6.5%, and so on. It is therefore clear that when a user searches for certain products, services or content, it is essential that your site appears on the first page of Google (even better if among the first 5 results).

What are your users looking for? What words do they type in the Google search bar? Performing a keyword analysis aimed at making sales-oriented pages of your site appear on Google is certainly one of the first activities to be carried out if you want to increase your online sales.

In fact, many people are convinced that they already use the words most searched for by their users in the content, and then discover during the analysis that there are other keywords with much higher search volumes. Finding the keywords that best describe the product or service you want to sell online is therefore fundamental for the optimization of the structure and on-page elements.

Once you have found the most interesting search keys for the online sale of your products or services, do a Google search yourself to analyze the results you find in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Do you have an ecommerce? Most likely, then, the card of a product that you want to sell online will have images, price indication, reviews, an exhaustive description of the product, etc. As you can imagine, a page oriented to the sale of an online service will have a radically different structure and can’t fail to include attractive calls to action.

In any case, there are some rules for the optimization of the most important tags (title, meta description, h1, etc..) always valid: in this regard I recommend you to take a look at this article on SEO copywriting, the writing that makes users and search engines happy. If you need a SEO consultation, visit our SEO Agency Milan page!

2. Create user friendly content

Create user friendly content

Think about how many e-commerce exists, or how many competitors sell the same service as you: why should a user choose your own site to make a purchase?

To sell online you need to capture the attention of users and empathize with your target, in order to create original content consistent with it. Contents that are not only textual, but also concern images and web design elements. Do you sell products dedicated to a female audience? Or is your audience composed of people working in web marketing? Then take care of fundamental aspects such as graphics, colors, shapes … everything must be perfectly in line with your target audience.

You need to know that Google shows the results trying to give the user the result that best suits their search intent. Therefore, there are not always valid structures or results: the basic elements of a web page vary according to the key searched for by the user.

You may have optimized your site in the best possible way, but if you don’t take care of these seemingly minor details you won’t be able to increase sales of your products or services. Again, a study of competitors is essential.

Let’s linger for a second on the value of images and photos in terms of conversion and think about all the images we see every day on websites and social media. What are the characteristics of an image that invite users to make a purchase?

Loyalty with the content. The image must be faithful and consistent with the product or service we are selling. This is a fundamental rule for an e-commerce as much as for any other business that wants to have an emotional impact with its users.

Ability to create a visual experience. Consistent with what was said before, identify the graphic elements that best suit your target and play with colors, shapes, contrasts… in essence, create an empathetic link between what you sell and your target. It is important to give the right setting to the images, so that your potential users can imagine themselves with that product.

3. Cure user experience to sell products and services online

Cure user experience to sell products and services online

That navigation and user experience are key elements in the user conversion process is clear, but what are the factors that affect online sales?

First of all, simple and well-structured navigation can really make a difference. Imagine your potential customers wandering around the site looking for their favorite items or products, without finding them: how long do you think it takes them to leave your site?

This simple reason makes you understand how important it is to think about the architecture of your site and its internal links, in order to make navigation easier and at the same time allowing the user to find other potentially interesting content (this is the case of “related products” in e-commerce, or “related articles” if you talk about blogs).

Also fundamental is the optimization, in terms of user experience, of the conversion-oriented page (be it a product sheet or the landing page of one of your services). In practice, the user has somehow landed on our conversion page; regardless of the textual content used, how do we capture their attention by enticing them to buy?

In the case of e-commerce, you should respect these basic rules:

  • Make the purchase button visible: You must ensure that the time that passes from the actual purchase intention to the click to put the product in the shopping cart is minimized.
  • Make the shopping cart visible: Similar to what is said now, the shopping cart must also be immediately recognizable, so that the user can always have the status of their purchases under control.
  • Optimize the purchase process: Make the steps between placing the product in the shopping cart and checkout as flexible as possible. You don’t know how often users leave their shopping cart due to navigation difficulties. And above all: don’t force your users to register to know the shipping costs!

We talked about some fundamental elements related to the user experience for e-commerce, but what about web pages not specifically oriented to the sale of products? We have talked in detail in this article about the importance of landing pages for your business.

4. Start online advertising campaigns to increase sales

Being in the top positions on Google for the keywords of your interest is definitely the best way to attract more traffic to your site, but the results of an SEO job can take up to several months to appear (especially when the competition is particularly high). Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your good or service is actually sought after by your users, even though they perceive the need for it.

So how do you start increasing your online sales right away?

An effective strategy to achieve immediate results is to create an online advertising campaign. The first questions to ask are: What is the budget available to me? But above all: do I intend to act in a pull (intercepting user searches) or push (showing my ad to a target to be defined)?

”Today, the most used platforms for online advertising are Google Ad and social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)”

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Google Ads is Google’s tool that allows you to intercept users’ searches by placing advertisements above and to the side of the organic SERP, thus leading users to specific landing pages and conversion pages.

With AdWords you always have at your disposal a dashboard useful to monitor the conversions of your site and, through integration with Google Analytics, you can keep track of all your online sales. Read this article to discover the different types of advertising on Google.

Google Ads
Social media

Social media is a great tool for creating advertising campaigns and getting traffic on your sales-oriented pages. Unlike Google Ads campaigns, social media ads aim to intercept the target audience that interests us by identifying their characteristics and interests, instead of the search keys.

Also through social media you have the possibility to send your users to your sales-oriented pages and keep track of conversions.

Social media

5. Take advantage of re-targeting and automation

Take advantage of retargeting and automation

Imagine that your user has placed a product in the shopping cart, or visited your landing page, but in neither case do you make the purchase. What to do? Have you permanently lost the user? Not at all!

In both cases, in fact, you have the possibility to insert the user in a conversion funnel that will lead him to the result you wanted to achieve. Through the use of tools such as Active Campaign, for example, you have the ability to track users who arrive at a certain page without converting. Depending on the goal you set yourself, you can then choose to follow the following paths:

  • re-targeting the social media of users who have not completed the conversion;
  • sending newsletters containing message and call to action aimed at converting the user.

In particular, the management of a newsletter gives you the opportunity to maintain contact and empathize with your target, giving you the opportunity to win their trust and to inform them periodically about your activities.

So, in this article I have tried to give you an overview of how to get in touch with your potential customers and increase online sales. Study the industry and get to know your target audience: this is the only way to get the results you’ve always dreamed of!

Promote Your Products On Amazon

Errors vs Smart Moves To Promote Your Products On Amazon

Hey there! Today we are going to talk about some errors and smart policies of promoting products on the biggest online platform, Amazon. There needs to have few smartness to adopt and errors to avoid while promoting your products on Amazon. We, Alpha Clipping Path (Image Editing Service Provider) knows that it’s your vital stage while you are promoting your products. A small mistake can ruin everything and a small smartness can give you more sales and revenue. So many clients from Amazon are so concern with their product visibility and we see that our clients get benefited after edited their product images. When a flawless product image got noticed by a group of customers then sale increases abruptly. Most of the business people place their bulk images to us to get Clipping Path service to remove the background and place is pure white or desired background. To enhance visibility, there is also a high demand in getting Natural shadow in designated areas of images. Along with these services, people are interested in getting touch up their images through Photo Retouch Service which we do applying hand-made Photoshop technique.  Apart from these there are also few areas to have look which have described below.

3 big errors which make the professionals who sell on Amazon

You know how to find products now in very much potential and how to stock up. So that your activity becomes profitable and permanent, you must avoid some errors made very often by the persons who sell their own products on Amazon. Here are three bigger errors not to be made.

Error #1:
Credit of the very weak margins

There are several reasons which can lead to very weak margins: you badly negotiated with your supplier, you target a very competitive market, you want to position on products low-cost. If you have too weak margins, you risk finding it difficult to secure a return your investments and will draw a cross at your marketing budget. By taking into account cost of the stocking and various (often badly anticipated) expenses, you risk not making use of the whole. What is, let us accept it, rather problematic.

To avoid meeting with a too weak margin, you must especially anticipate well ALL costs, including “indirect” costs. Your margin is reckoned by subtracting all these costs from your selling price. Do not forget the costs of transportation of the goods bought to your suppliers. It is often a post of costs that is forgotten to attribute. To assure you that your activity generates benefit, you must make a reasonable estimate among products which you want to sell a month. Your turnover corresponds to the number of products which you will sell multiplied by their medium price.

Error #2:
Position on low-grade

Selling products of very poor quality – as they find easily in China – is not a good idea. Who says bad quality, says dissatisfaction client, many produced returns, felt sorry, critics negative about the pages of your products. It is important also to treat the packing of products. It is better to make pay delivery and give a quality packing than to give delivery by delivering badly wrapped products. The packing plays an important role in client experience.

Error #3:
Think that it is possible to go without marketing

Selling products of very poor quality – as they find easily in China – is not a good idea. Who says bad quality, says dissatisfaction client, many produced returns, felt sorry, critics negative about the pages of your products. It is important also to treat the packing of products. It is better to make pay delivery and give a quality packing than to give delivery by delivering badly wrapped products. The packing plays an important role in client experience.

7 smart moves to promote your products on Amazon

Marketer placing a product on Amazon is not the most complicated thing in the world. Here are 7 techniques to promote the products that you sell on Amazon.

#1. Carefully choosing the main picture

The main picture of your product, it is the one who appears in the pages of results of Amazon. It is also the one who is displayed above to the left of your page produces. It is the first thing which internet sees and it is sure that the most important element of your page produced. You must therefore choose carefully the main picture. Here is our advice: choose a picture with high definition, easy to understand, clear, with a white bottom, rich in information, delightful and zoom-able.

#2. Put forward the benefits of your product

The main picture of your product, it is the one who appears in the pages of results of Amazon. It is also the one who is displayed above to the left of your page produces. It is the first thing which internet sees and it is sure that the most important element of your page produced. You must therefore choose carefully the main picture. Here is our advice: choose a picture with high definition, easy to understand, clear, with a white bottom, rich in information, delightful and zoom-able.

#3. Be accessible for your clients

The main picture of your product, it is the one who appears in the pages of results of Amazon. It is also the one who is displayed above to the left of your page produces. It is the first thing which internet sees and it is sure that the most important element of your page produced. You must therefore choose carefully the main picture. Here is our advice: choose a picture with high definition, easy to understand, clear, with a white bottom, rich in information, delightful and zoom-able.

#4. Get clients from opinions

Opinions-clients have an important crucial in e-trade. This is true on Amazon. People who buy on Internet read in general opinions on products to decide to buy or not. They have a big influence on the final decision of the consumers. For your part, opinions-clients allow you to identify the positive points of your products and things to be improved. If Amazon became an inevitable platform, it is partly thanks to its system of opinion-client – copied since by all e-dealers and managers of marketplaces. Do not hesitate to invite your clients satisfied to deposit an opinion on Amazon.

#5. Optimize SEO

So that your products appear in good position in the organic research results of Amazon, you must work on three elements:

Use products in the writing of your terms used by the internet who search your products. You must especially optimize the title which you give to your products as well as their description. Title can make 500 characters: use it to include into it key words (name of mark, elements of description, range, materials, color, size).

Optimize the note of your product. The classification of results, on Amazon, left the note allocated in products by the clients of the platform.

We recommend you to use Amazon Keyword Tool to identify efficient titles of long train. When you create a chip Amazon produce, allows to give information to words-keys in a devoted field. Think of using in this field of key words different from those used for your title.

#6. Enter in touch with influences

So that your products appear in good position in the organic research results of Amazon, you must work on three elements:

Use products in the writing of your terms used by the internet who search your products. You must especially optimize the title which you give to your products as well as their description. Title can make 500 characters: use it to include into it key words (name of mark, elements of description, range, materials, color, size).

Optimize the note of your product. The classification of results, on Amazon, left the note allocated in products by the clients of the platform.

We recommend you to use Amazon Keyword Tool to identify efficient titles of long train. When you create a chip Amazon produce, allows to give information to words-keys in a devoted field. Think of using in this field of key words different from those used for your title.

#7. Giving publicity

Many are reticent to give publicity, because who “advertising” says ” paid service “. But if you invest 100 euro in advertising, and that it generates 200 euro of benefits in more for your activity, you are winning! It is possible to give publicity on Amazon so that your products win in visibility in research results. The functioning of Amazon Advertising is close to that of Google Adwords. In other words, you target key words – those that your potentials clients are likely to type in the research bar of Amazon – choose the products which you want to promote and define a budget.

We arrived at the end of this guide. You should understand these topics to bring out more sales and revenue from amazon. However, the part with images editing services, you can always contact Alpha Clipping Path to beautify your images so that your products can attract more and more clients. To know more please look at our e-commerce image editing service page. We wish your business to be more profitable in coming days.

A perfect guide to sell your products on Amazon

A Perfect Guide to Sell Your Products on Amazon

To sell your desired product in Amazon it’s a very necessary part to get your images edited rather than uploading raw images. Your products might have bad background which needs to have clean white background through Clipping Path & Image Masking technique or any of your chosen background. Your Product might have unusual scratch or defect and you have shoot that way. In that case you are thinking that you are unlucky but believe that you have one last option to get your photo edited through Photo Retouching service which Alpha Clipping Path Provides. Among of few top notch Clipping Path companies in India and Bangladesh, Alpha Clipping Path is best with its professionalism and friendliness with their clients. However, move on to more few necessary parts from which we can get to know few aspects on Amazon.

How to sell products efficiently on Amazon? It’s a common question but there are a lot to answer of this simple question. We are especially going to concentrate on techniques and things to be known (or to be avoided) to succeed with good amount of sale with your products.

5 reasons to sell your products on Amazon

5 reasons to sell your products on Amazon
You do not need to create a website

To create a website takes time, especially when it is about an e-commerce. Not only you must create your site “technically “, but you must so then construct confidence around your boutique what sometimes takes months, or even years. With Amazon, you can take advantage from an easy platform of use and begin selling products in some clicks on the site.

You do not need to generate traffic by yourself

It is necessary to generate quite a lot of traffic on a e-commerce site so that he becomes beneficial. The generation of traffic does not make a blow of pair of handles. There still, it often asks long months. To sell on Amazon allows to benefit from a traffic mattering without credit to be made of SEO! Amazon, it is 100 million unique visitors a month.

You can delegate the logistics in Amazon

Amazon offers the programmer «Sent by Amazon» (in English «fulfilled by Amazon», FBA), who allows to use the logistical facilities of the American giant. Amazon takes care of the stocking and the delivery of your products (worldwide) after every order.

No commercial complications to manage accounts

Amazon manages payments and refund in your place. You are directly paid every 14 days on the bank account which you gave information. Amazon is probably the “simplest” marketplace of use, and the most flexible.

The support client of Amazon is blameless

The support client of Amazon is reputed for his reactivity and his quality – that you are client-purchaser or client-seller. You can contact him for any request or question, you will have a very quick answer. Point out: when you sell on Amazon, it is Amazon who takes care of the customer service.

How does it work? How much does it cost?

To sell on Amazon, it is very simple: you have only to create a count “Seller”, who gives you access to interface «to Saddle Exchange». During the creation of your count, you must give information to information (credit card, telephone, details firm). Then, you download your products on the platform and to use the interface of your count. To know more about inscription, it is here. It costs 39 euro (HT) a month a committee which varies according to the type of sold products.

Charge of management is applied if you opt for the expression «Sent by Amazon», which allows a catch in load of the logistics (stocking, kidnapping, packing, expedition, returns).

What products to sell on Amazon?

You are persuaded of the opportunity which there is to sell on Amazon? But what types of products to sell? Here are some elements of explanation.

Three solutions to sell on Amazon and you have three possibilities

  1. Sell the products of others. You sell products commercialized by a mark, by giving you to her.
  2. Sell products in white mark. They are little expensive in general to acquire, but since they do not have recognizable mark, their value is hardly perceptible by the clients. Suddenly, these are products more difficult to sell.
  3. Sell your own products, by giving you to suppliers as Alibaba. It allows you to make more margins. Edit your images before uploading in house or hire any Outsourcing Firm like Alpha Clipping Path. Fresh images and several modifications can create large sales of your products. This solution, more and more appraised for some years, is undoubtedly the most profitable.

3 smartness to find ideas of products to be thrown

3 smartness to find ideas of products to be thrown
  1. Think of your hobbies and your passions, and the products which are linked to it.
  2. Identify problems and points of pain, and search products which could resolve these problems.
  3. Read of go shopping who approach subjects which interest you and list the products which are introduced in the advertising areas.

Try to make a list 10 – 20 products. It is a very good beginning. To help you in this job, let us take as a concrete model. You identified an alcove holder and rapidly developing: the drivers Uber. To work, a driver Uber needs two things: a car and an iPhone. Here is a list of products which could interest the drivers Uber: suckers to fix the iPhone, the loaders of iPhone 6, cups of coffees, portable hoovers, deodorants

Once you identified products attached to an alcove, you must ask four questions:
  1. What is the size of the market?
  2. How many persons search these products every month?
  3. Are these products seasonal?
  4. What are your main rivals?
What is the size of the market?

You can answer this question by using your friend Google. As an example, you can find very fast articles mentioning among active drivers on Uber and more generally among statistics concerning the drivers of the platform. Also say that your alcove includes so more or less indirectly the drivers using others application of the same type. If the alcove is consequent, you must answer the second question.

How many persons search these products every month?

To answer this question, you can use the free tool “Google Keyword Planner”. You will know the number of persons who search every month – via requests of key words – the products which you listed. Point out: this tool is based on requests made on Google, and can therefore move away slightly from the volume of requests on Amazon. Nevertheless, it gives a good idea of request for this or that produced.

Are these products seasonal?

Google Keyword Planner does not allow to know if the products of your list are seasonal or not, that is to say if there are variations of request in the course of the year. For the constitution of your supply and for your marketing strategy, it is important to be able to answer this question. There is a very efficient tool for it, and entirely free: Google Trends.

What are your main rivals?

To answer this fourth and last question, you can use Amazon directly and enquire about the key products (the beep of sales). It allows to get information on your main rivals, on the products which they commercialize and on practiced prices.

It is important, in a general way, to use the research functionality of Amazon. Because it is necessary to know that today there are more persons who search products on Amazon where on Google. When you click on a product in the page of results, and which you scrolled right down to the bottom of the page produces, you can know which is its position in sales Amazon.

How to find suppliers for your products?

How to find suppliers for your products

Now that you identified products with very much potential which you are going to sell on Amazon, you must find suppliers. Concerning the research of suppliers, you have two main solutions:

If your product is perishable (foodstuff for example) or that it is about a product to apply to the skin (creams, beauty products), you must source you to local suppliers.

For all other products, the best suppliers are Chinese!

If you want to sell deodorants to drivers Uber, it is in China where you must stock up. More precisely: on, the suppliers’ first platform of the Empire of middle. While using this platform which you will find most faster and most easily of the suppliers. Let us put that we search cushions. We type “cushions” in the research bar. Suppliers’ list / products is offered. When they click on a product, they arrive on a page produces. Alibaba, until then, works exactly as Amazon.

Once you identified on Alibaba a product who interests you, you must follow several stages:
  • Contact the supplier to prove that shown price corresponds to real price, to get information concerning delivery time, cost of samples, quality control, offer of wholesale trade, location of the productive firm, etc.
  • Test samples of products, to be possible prove first-hand the quality of products and compare it with the quality of the products of your rivals. According to products and suppliers, samples are free or paid. At any rate, delivery is invoiced.
  • Prove that it is about a serious firm, with references. Use Google, ask for certifications or engage an inspector quality made responsible for visiting the firm.
  • Before hiring you, make calculations of profitability. Make sure that you are really winning. What assumes to make a calculation of all your expenses (including the cost of the product) and to compare it at the price of sale.

After reading the overall article, It’s understandable that to sell your product on Amazon you have to consider several factors to get fruitful result. Along with all necessary instruction, you should take in consideration that Image Editing is a vital part as your product images are one of the armors to get the interest of your customers. After Photo shoot of your images, if you want to get any modification or any possible changes then there are several Photo editing services which we do using advanced Photoshop techniques.

Best camera for product photography

Best Camera and Instruments for Product Photography

Product Photography is the most demanding profession now-a-days. Not only in profit sense, but also it is a job with fun. This profession is becoming demandable day by day. Whether you are a food blogger, fashion blogger, News blogger or lifestyle blogger, you will need a good photograph relating to your contents.

Product photography is not as easy as it seems as it requires professional techniques. The kind of photography you are involved must require necessary elements. The type of photography you are doing must need a good camera. 

If you are photographing for digital use or if you want to post on various websites like Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay etc. You don’t need a higher expensive camera. You can quickly get away with a less expensive camera and instruments. Do you need the best camera and instruments for product photography? No matter what your objective is, you can take photos of product/service for uploading in Wal-Mart, eBay, Facebook, Amazon or Instagram, Product photography requires a good quality camera and quality instruments. Whatever your budget or skills you have today’s article for best cameras and instruments for product photography will be easy to decide for you. I am giving a list of DSLR and mirrorless cameras today so stay tuned and sit tight.

Sony A7 III

For video and photo applications, Sony A7 III will be perfect as it has a well-rounded camera. The low light performance will be excellent for product photography.  It has a full-frame of the twenty-four-megapixel camera.  It has a BIONZ X image processor, and R BSI CMOS sensor which has improved speed, which is best for product photography.

Sony A7 Camera

Fuji film X-E3

If you want a small size camera, then The Fuji film X-E3 will be best as it provides twenty-four-megapixel cameras. This camera is a mid-level APS-C mirrorless camera. This is more touch screen camera then button camera. Internal hardware and specifications are fantastic. Photographers can use this Fuji film X-E3 heavily during product photography as it has a touch panel. If you want to capture moment-to-moment operation, then Fujifilm X-E3 will be the best choice for you.

Fujifilm X-E3

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Product photography is not as easy as it requires a lot of techniques and processes. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is one of the best DSLR cameras with touch option which will be an excellent option for you as it has Thirty-megapixel camera. If you are looking for FPS, then let me clear you that Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is providing 7.0 FPS. The screen size is 3.2, which is big enough to capture the best picture. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is best for focus on multiple objects as it is best for giving sharp images with various focuses at a time.

Canon EOS 5D

Canon Power shot G9 X Mark II

If you are not that much fond of DSLR camera, then mirrorless camera like Canon Power shot G9 X Mark II with 3.1 LCD screen size will be the excellent choice. The touch panel option provides easy navigation. Zoom up option is available, which contains 3X more clear picture for taking more precise and detailed images for photography. For photographers who are in the level of beginner and intermediate, it will be best as it provides 20.1 megapixels with 8.2 FPS shooting.

Canon power shot G9 X

Sony Alpha a6000

If you are finding a cheaply priced mirrorless camera with eleven FPS continuous clicking for product photography, then the Sony Alpha a6000 camera is best for you. Twenty-four megapixels camera is best for getting high-quality pictures. The camera is not only flexible to take high definition pictures but also the grip is fantastic. If you have a habit of taking moving objects pictures, then grab it without hesitation. What I found was unexpected about this camera is it has short battery life.

Sony Alpha a6000

Now we will discuss the instruments we will need in product photography apart camera. As the camera is the main element, so I explained it before, now let me tell you about the necessary instruments. What you’re going to need during product photography apart from the camera:

  • A good quality tripod.
  • The background which must be white
  • Foam board made white bounce cards
  • Round or square table
  • A good room
Background 2
Background 3
Good Room

Some necessary suggestions you must follow during product photography:

  • Set the table in right angle and light. The lighting must be drop-in table’s product.
  • Don’t forget to set sweep.
  • Set your camera in tripod or camera stand carefully. Take time in it.
  • Put your product in the middle of the table surface so that the focus can be right.
  • Don’t forget to Set the reflector card for clicking pictures.
  • Take the picture carefully and now monitor and click again.
  • Get your images edited and modified.

In product photography, Gear acts as the heart, and it can be fascinating if it can be utilized with efficiency. It can also be very confusing for new photographers as they don’t know what equipment they must be used. If you are thinking, spending a large portion of your budget can make your product picture more attractive than you are wrong. You can pay on high-tech equipment but always keep on mind that acts brilliantly.  Try to keep an open mind not to overspend on high tech gadgets.

If you are new in online business, then my suggestion will be that you must hire professional photographers. As it will lower your cost, time and stress. In product photography, you have to be conscious to select the camera for the perfect click. To help you to get the best pictures of your product, I have provided you with some best cameras and instruments with features to help you to select for product photography.


What is Clipping Path and why it is important?

There is no doubt that the popularity of online shopping is growing significantly among our modern society. People are feeling more relevant to shop more at home.  The products online shops offer are coming with a lot of variety and kinds. In online and offline both, image plays a significant role. Raw images can’t attract target customers, which can be attracted by edited photos.

In Image Editing Industry Clipping Path is the most used name. According to Wikipedia, the definition of clipping path is

Photo Cut Out or clipping path is known as closed vector path, or shape used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software.

– Wikipedia

Clipping path is also known as Photo Cut Out.  When Photo Cut Out applies inside of the path is included and outside is omitted. Professional image editors use Photo Cut Out by using Photoshop techniques. If you want to isolate anything from background including the background, clipping path or Photo Cut Out is used to separate that object or background to replace the new one.

shoe clipping path image by alpha clipping path

Clipping path is a technique of Photoshop in which the pen tool is used to remove the image background. If you want to avoid sharp and smooth edges from the image, the clipping path will be the best solution.

Photo cut out is a time-consuming process because a poorly drawn clipping path provides the fake appearance of the background. It can affect the brand with the product.  A bad image can tarnish your brand quickly. If you want to create strength in the e-commerce marketplace, then you must need a Photo cut out service.

Process of Clipping Path or Photo Cut Out

Photo cut out doesn’t always give natural result; most of the time, the result is unrealistic. Most of the image editing company use Photo cut out very carefully to obtain the best result.  Photoshop is used for Photo cut out service. Photo cut out can be done through two different types:

Single Clipping Path/Photo Cut Out:

In Single Photo cut out or professional image editors create a single path for each image. In this procedure, the image background is removed from a single image from the original context of the picture.

Single clipping path image by Alpha Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path:

In Multiple Photo Cut Out service, more than one images are used in which various parts of images need to be isolated for making it changeable for different purposes. Garments apparels images are used mainly in multiple Photo cut out or clipping path.

Why Photo Cut out should be used?

In Product Photography, creating the natural and original image is very much essential. Clipping path plays a vital role in this sector. The benefit or importance of the photo cut out is that it permits you to change/remove the background of the detail or object from the image. Photo Cut out is proved to be useful in creating white backgrounds for promoting and marketing online and offline.

Photo Cut Out assist in showing subjects in numerous discourse settings, enabling you to feature entirely new backgrounds to form the scene for an image. Whether you’ve got one picture or an enormous batch of images from your latest photoshoot, Photo cut out service is very much applicable for creating a variety of eventualities.

Professional image editors know very well about this and take the best care of your images very carefully so no one can identify the changes done in the raw picture in final results. And clipping path image editing services by professionals is the most popular way to get the best outcome.

Colour Correction image of Alpha Clipping Path

Who are the clients of Photo cut out Services?

After all the discussion, the question which is spinning in your head is who the people who need Photo cut out service are? Well, the answer is straightforward. Who wants to create advertisements for their products or services are the clients of clipping path service. Most of the e-commerce owner takes Photo cut out service as they are working with numerous products with varieties. If you are working with a single image editing or a batch of multiple photos editing, your busy photographer can’t give you enough time with enormous quantities of images. Most of the freelancers, e-commerce shop owners and agencies working in tight deadlines failed to provide their deliveries. They are in very much in need of Photo cut out service, that’s why they use this service to get rid of the turnaround time.

Professional graphic designers also need Photo cut out for images for their professional work and to solve these types of problems by Photo cut out services. Professional photography cannot ignore the need for Photo to cut out because unwanted backgrounds can easily distract customers. For an online e-commerce seller, clipping path or photo cut out is essential to increase sell in online and target customers of product and services.


For the fashion industry, Fashion apparels, web image optimization, Electronics, toys, furniture, cars, online property stores, jewellery, accessories, sports products, Home & kitchen appliances and many others, for all clipping path or Photo cut out is essential for creating masterpiece image. Clipping path service drives down not only the product photography cost but also it saves time and headache. You don’t need to click the same pictures for the second time. With the raw Photo, Photo cut out service can efficiently work.

As we have to come to the end of today’s blog, I would like to thank the viewers for reading my article from first to end. Photo cut out has become a necessary tool in image editing and proper use of this can result magnificent output. If you have any confusion about clipping path then please contact our customer support to get the best assistance.

Thank you.


Importance of Neck Joint Service for fashion Products

In Image Editing services, Neck joint or Ghost Mannequin service is one of the best tasks to remove the mannequin from the apparel photos in fashion photography. It sometimes is known as hollow man effect, and the name is known as nation wise. In online business of fashion apparel perfect fitting of good looking fashion clothing photos on your website or social media. For clicking your fashion apparel photos, you must consider the ideal fitting.

The apparel must be put on a mannequin. Now it is ready for taking pictures. After clicking the apparel photos on the mannequin, professional graphics designers cut out the outside mannequin parts so that only apparel photos can get clearly without the mannequin. While you are cutting the mannequin part, your apparel neck will be reduced. Then join the back part of the central element in the picture. It is called neck joint service.

Categories of Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop

  • 3D or 360 Degree
  • Neck Joint
  • Bottom Joint
  • Sleeves Joint
3D or 360 Degree :

If you want to use 3D/360° image for online e-commerce sites, then 3D or 360 degree hot will be best ghost mannequin effect.  A Rich Media for e-commerce sites or animation video on Pack-shot Photography, send us your photo in various angles, and also join the lost parts (top, neck, bottom, sleeves).

Neck Joint :

In Neck joint, Graphics designers remove the mannequin from apparel, which creates the blank space at the neck. Then they join back of the neck of clothing and the front parts’ photos. It helps to give a full shape and also give the original ghost mannequin effect.

Bottom Joint :

In Bottom joint, The Photoshop effect is applied to the long tail apparel items. There are few apparel items which may require the back part longer than the front part in cloth. By Removing plastic doll or mannequin from such apparel, now the task is to join the bottom part of Photoshop.

Sleeves Joint :

Here service is required to get rid of the mannequin from the hollow a part of the sleeves and supply a ghost impact. The sleeve shirts, T-shirts, jackets, etc. are the instance of some sleeves joint.

Ghost mannequin/Neck joint image by Alpha Clipping Path

Why Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service is essential for fashion Products?

When fashion photographers click pictures of apparel on a mannequin, at that time, it must be considered that the back and inner side of that cloth remains hidden.

To show apparel inner part and to remove the mannequin from the picture no need to click a new photo of products of the inner side as ghost neck joint service can help us. Here ghost mannequin’s services are essential.

Alpha Clipping Path is the quality Ghost Mannequin service provider. We are working with best quality in ghost mannequin service. You can get a clear idea by taking our available free trial service.

Who are the clients of Ghost Mannequin Service?

If you are new or existing in the e-commerce business and dealing with online fashion apparel products or if you are a seller or garment dress seller, then you will need a ghost mannequin service.

People who are engaged with cloth, products must need Ghost mannequin service to make your apparel photos more exciting and masterpiece. No one likes to show the apparel photos with doll or mannequin in e-commerce websites or social platforms.

That’s why e-commerce store owners make their apparel photos attractive by using ghost mannequin service to target customers and increase their cloth product sell.

How to capture a perfect photo for Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service?

Photographer who do Neck Joint require mannequin, styling tools, High Tech camera, proper lighting and the fashion clothes. The first step of doing ghost mannequin is choosing the right size and shape of the mannequin and put on the clothes on that plastic doll or mannequin.

Now, the second step is to remove unnecessary parts of mannequins to focus on clothing in more detail. The pieces should be removed carefully as it helps to click pictures more perfectly. After removing portions of a mannequin, now the third step is putting on clothes into the mannequin. It requires passion and carefulness. The dress must be put on gently. The shoulders must be adjusted smoothly so that it can be shown correctly.  There should be no stretching in clothes.

The next step is using styling tools to style the mannequin by putting up the clothes and other elements. Tissue paper can be used to bulk specific places and styling pin to make the mannequin fit on those clothes. There should be no noticeable creases on clothes. The next step is clicking photos of that mannequin on clothes. The lighting and angle must be perfect as it can cause the picture poorly.

After clicking the photograph, the last and foremost part is editing images to remove mannequin through Photoshop and focusing on the detail of clothes.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service for Fashion Products

  • Ghost Mannequin Service helps to enhance the distinctness
  • On the e-commerce platform, Ghost Mannequin Service increases the conversion rate
  • Ghost Mannequin Service is Cheap than taking a human model
  • Ghost Mannequin Service Gives enhancing the commercial look to ordinary images
  • Ghost Mannequin Service helps to give the most precise images of apparels to customers
  • Neck Joint Service helps to provide a full effect on apparel photos in the garments sector, apparel industry and fashion brands

In Online Clothing Business, image editing plays a vital role. That’s why professional image editor focuses more on Ghost neck joint. In Ghost Neck Joint service, the background is also an important topic. Without a good background, principal object of a product can’t be pictured perfectly. In Neck Joint Service effect, Background removing must be done carefully as it must be a focus on apparel only to create Ghost Neck Joint effect.

So the essential thing in Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint is background removal. That’s why Ghost neck joint service is so crucial for fashion products.

clipping path service provider

Clipping path service providers in India and Bangladesh

Hey there! Thanks for coming here to know about clipping path service providers in India and Bangladesh. The southeast region of Asia is known to be the most prominent in this industry for their fast, reliable and quality maintaining approach. We hope you will like to read the full writing to know about why India and Bangladesh are way ahead in this clipping path industry.


In the era of this online business, images are the most valuable assets to attract customers and generate sales. But it’s not always easy to make images perfect. It takes a lot of time and patience to make them appealing to customers. That’s why outsourcing for image editing comes handy in this situation. But you should always consider some factors before giving your images for editing purposes to a clipping path service provider. Security, affordability, quality and time management are the key factors of choosing companies for image editing services. And image editing service providers in India and Bangladesh have maintained these factors very well.


How professionally Alpha Clipping Path edits your images.


In this Article you will get:


# Why India and Bangladesh have so many clipping path service providers?


  1. Affordability
  2. Quality
  3. Manpower
  4. Security
  5. Easy Payment Methods
  6. Customer Support
  7. Reviews and Ratings
  8. Employment opportunities


# Some of the well-known Clipping Path Service Providers in this region


Why India and Bangladesh have so many clipping path service providers?


Over the past 25 years, India has become the country most associated with outsourcing expertise due to their affordable approach and quality. They are providing various outsourcing services to American or European clients. As a neighbour country, Bangladesh has also stepped into this industry and made a solid impact in a quick time. The key factors that drive the companies in these two countries are:


  1. Affordability: Graphic designing is not a cheap thing in European or American region. Hourly rate for graphics designers is really high there. This is the part where service providers in Bangladesh and India come ahead. They have experienced designers who can provide the editing or clipping path services at a very cheap rate (almost 70% cheaper).
  2. Quality: You may think with cheaper rate comes the cheaper quality. It’s really not true in case of outsourcing services. Clipping path services along with other photo retouching services are cheaper in the Indian region, but they do not compromise with the quality. You can find many well-known image editing service providers in this region who maintained their reputation very well.
  3. Manpower: Another key factor is manpower. Most of the image editing companies have separate teams for different services. So experience is used perfectly, quality is checked thoroughly and it is easy to provide fast deliveries due to the availability of manpower.
  4. Security: We know most of the clients are worried about the security of their images. As in many cases, there is a panic to get the images in the wrong hand before launching your products. But security is well maintained here in the Indian region. Most of the companies are ready to sign NDA paper as proof of maintaining security as Alpha Clipping Path.
  5. Easy payment method: Payment method can be an issue regarding outsourcing business. But some methods like Paypal, Payoneer, skrill and stripe have solved this problem. Clients can pay through their debit/credit card or PayPal account easily. Also, these companies provide refund policies due to any fault in services.
  6. Customer support: Communication is the main factor of successful outsourcing experience. So, the most important department of outsourcing companies is Customer Support. As there is a time-related issue for global distance, customer support department remain always active. They always respond as soon as possible to avoid any delay in work. Most of them are well behaved, friendly and very responsive to the clients. They also have a swift knowledge about the requirements of clients which they learn from proper training.
  7. Reviews and Ratings: To choose your clipping path service provider, you can always consider reviews and ratings from different sites. Google reviews and Trustpilot ratings are considered authentic in such cases. Companies in India and Bangladesh have good reports on this stage.
  8. Employment opportunities: As you know, the unemployment rate is so high on this region, these out sourcing companies have made a great impact on this situation in recent years. Government of India and Bangladesh also support them by creating many institutions for graphics designing and outsourcing. This helps to bring out well trained designers who spent years on this training. So you can be assured that your images are on safe hands.


The most challenging part of outsourcing is to get started. Choosing a reliable and affordable partner for your photo edit is really a hassle. But you can rely on clipping path service providers from Bangladesh. It’s also a great thing that most of these companies have their branches in overseas places like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. So you can also contact in person if you belong to such regions.


Here are some well-known Clipping Path Service Providers in this Indian region:


  1. Alpha Clipping Path
  2. Clipping Path India
  3. Clipping Path King
  4. Creative Clipping Path
  5. Clipping Path India Service


Most of the photographers are now giving their images to be edited to some outsource companies. Because it saves time and makes their job easier. So they can focus on their shooting more rather than editing. This clipping path industry is still growing in India and Bangladesh. We, Alpha Clipping path is one of the most affordable clipping path service provider operating from this region.


clipping path much needed service for E-commerce image

Clipping path is a much needed service in your E-commerce business

Hi guys, as you have reached to this article that means you have a question about clipping path/photo cut out. So today we are going to help you to remove your confusion through today’s writing. More and more brands are introducing every day. The competition in the e-commerce industry is getting higher. Attracting target customers and sustaining their attention for a long time is not easy. If new products are not presented wisely and failed to attract the attention of customers, then it will be doom for the business. The attractively presented product can attract attention through high-quality pictures.

Role of Clipping Path/Photo Cut Out in E-commerce business

Today People are living in the E-Commerce era. In E-commerce, image is the main factor which attracts the attention of customers and increases sales. Being an owner of the e-commerce site, you need to be always careful with photos of products. A magnificent picture is the first condition in online business.

Clipping Path in Image editing plays a significant role in product photography of E-Commerce. Photo Cut Out service ensures High-quality images for products. E-commerce business needs clipping path services to increase online and offline sales and attracts the target audience. So now we are going to disclose why your e-commerce business needs clipping path/Photo cut out service. Before beginning, let’s start with what the clipping path/photo cut out is.

What is Clipping Path or Photo Cut out service?

In image editing industry, clipping path is a popular term used which is also known as deep etch, photo cut out and also closed vector path. In Image editing, clipping path/photo cut out helps you to create your product photos more appealing and outstanding to your customers. Photo cut out process works by removing unnecessary objects from the background of photos also the whole background of the images.

If you did not get how clipping path works, then let me give you an example to make it easier. Imagine when we cut picture or photograph from the newspaper clipping path does the same. Neat and clean background of photo attracts customers.

Photo Cut Out makes images more professional and focused.  It is not only separate your product from one background to another but also makes the product eye-catchy and stand out from thousands of others. Poor and low-quality representation of a product or service with no attention to detail can damage the reputation and brand of a business.

Why Your E-Commerce Business Need Clipping Path Or Photo Cut Out Services?

The Process to prepare photos for selling through online is known as e-commerce image optimization. If we want to give a clear idea about the product, we must provide it through the picture online.

In E-commerce, more and more brands are introducing every day. Product Photography has become a crucial part of e-commerce. The product photography consists of two parts: One is clicking a good picture and the second one is the post-processing of that picture. Clipping path/ Photo Cut Out is very much essential tool for product photography. The advantage of the clipping path/ Photo Cut Out is that it permits you to change the background and unnecessary objects of the background of your image.

Photo cut out is often particularly useful in making white backgrounds for marketing online. It may assist you in showing your subjects in various discourse settings, enabling you to feature entirely different backgrounds to form the scene for your image. Professional image editor takes the best care of images very carefully so no one can identify the changes in final results. So clipping path/ photo cut out image-editing services by professionals is the most popular way to get the best.

The secret to editing your image is simple, you need to look as a viewer rather than an editor.

– Alex Smith

In which sector photo cut out can be utilized in various e-commerce services:

•    Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry

•    Jewellery, footwear, bags and accessories industry

•    Fashion apparel industry

•    Baby accessories industry

•    Kitchen accessories industry

•    Electronic products industry

Now-a-days, people are feeling more reliable and confident about online shopping. It saves cost and time. Home delivery makes life so much easier. From medicine to beauty products, all can be found online. All types of industries especially Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry, Jewellery, footwear, bags and accessories industry, Fashion apparel industry, Kitchen accessories industry, baby accessories industry and Electronic products industry are more dependent on online for promoting and marketing their product and services. In these sectors, clipping path/Photo Cut Out can be utilized as a much-needed service.

Final Words

E-commerce business needs a skilled and professional image editor for making raw images into a masterpiece before uploading in e-commerce site. Pictures must be clear to provide detail and idea about the product so that customers can get the idea. We are living in the online digital e-commerce era. Online shopping has been trendy nowadays. From needle to the aeroplane, all can be bought from online. E-commerce sites are taking a great place in people’s lives rapidly.

Lives of people are becoming so much easier because of online shopping facilities. Variety of products with different characteristics in a popular brand can be found in e-commerce sites. Product photography plays a leading role in e-commerce sites. Images speak louder than thousands of words.

All of the E-commerce sites are influenced by product photography. Image editing like clipping path/Photo cut out plays a main role in product photography.  If you are looking for a company from where you will get high-quality product image editing services with straightening, resizing, cropping and formatting to publish for any advertising purpose at a most affordable rate then Alpha Clipping Path is the best solution for you. That’s for today.

Happy Online surfing!