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A Perfect Guide to Sell Your Products on Amazon

A perfect guide to sell your products on Amazon

To sell your desired product in Amazon it’s a very necessary part to get your images edited rather than uploading raw images. Your products might have bad background which needs to have clean white background through Clipping Path & Image Masking technique or any of your chosen background. Your Product might have unusual scratch or defect and you have shoot that way. In that case you are thinking that you are unlucky but believe that you have one last option to get your photo edited through Photo Retouching service which Alpha Clipping Path Provides. Among of few top notch Clipping Path companies in India and Bangladesh, Alpha Clipping Path is best with its professionalism and friendliness with their clients. However, move on to more few necessary parts from which we can get to know few aspects on Amazon.

How to sell products efficiently on Amazon? It’s a common question but there are a lot to answer of this simple question. We are especially going to concentrate on techniques and things to be known (or to be avoided) to succeed with good amount of sale with your products.

5 reasons to sell your products on Amazon

5 reasons to sell your products on Amazon
You do not need to create a website

To create a website takes time, especially when it is about an e-commerce. Not only you must create your site “technically “, but you must so then construct confidence around your boutique what sometimes takes months, or even years. With Amazon, you can take advantage from an easy platform of use and begin selling products in some clicks on the site.

You do not need to generate traffic by yourself

It is necessary to generate quite a lot of traffic on a e-commerce site so that he becomes beneficial. The generation of traffic does not make a blow of pair of handles. There still, it often asks long months. To sell on Amazon allows to benefit from a traffic mattering without credit to be made of SEO! Amazon, it is 100 million unique visitors a month.

You can delegate the logistics in Amazon

Amazon offers the programmer «Sent by Amazon» (in English «fulfilled by Amazon», FBA), who allows to use the logistical facilities of the American giant. Amazon takes care of the stocking and the delivery of your products (worldwide) after every order.

No commercial complications to manage accounts

Amazon manages payments and refund in your place. You are directly paid every 14 days on the bank account which you gave information. Amazon is probably the “simplest” marketplace of use, and the most flexible.

The support client of Amazon is blameless

The support client of Amazon is reputed for his reactivity and his quality – that you are client-purchaser or client-seller. You can contact him for any request or question, you will have a very quick answer. Point out: when you sell on Amazon, it is Amazon who takes care of the customer service.

How does it work? How much does it cost?

To sell on Amazon, it is very simple: you have only to create a count “Seller”, who gives you access to interface «to Saddle Exchange». During the creation of your count, you must give information to information (credit card, telephone, details firm). Then, you download your products on the platform and to use the interface of your count. To know more about inscription, it is here. It costs 39 euro (HT) a month a committee which varies according to the type of sold products.

Charge of management is applied if you opt for the expression «Sent by Amazon», which allows a catch in load of the logistics (stocking, kidnapping, packing, expedition, returns).

What products to sell on Amazon?

You are persuaded of the opportunity which there is to sell on Amazon? But what types of products to sell? Here are some elements of explanation.

Three solutions to sell on Amazon and you have three possibilities

  1. Sell the products of others. You sell products commercialized by a mark, by giving you to her.
  2. Sell products in white mark. They are little expensive in general to acquire, but since they do not have recognizable mark, their value is hardly perceptible by the clients. Suddenly, these are products more difficult to sell.
  3. Sell your own products, by giving you to suppliers as Alibaba. It allows you to make more margins. Edit your images before uploading in house or hire any Outsourcing Firm like Alpha Clipping Path. Fresh images and several modifications can create large sales of your products. This solution, more and more appraised for some years, is undoubtedly the most profitable.

3 smartness to find ideas of products to be thrown

3 smartness to find ideas of products to be thrown
  1. Think of your hobbies and your passions, and the products which are linked to it.
  2. Identify problems and points of pain, and search products which could resolve these problems.
  3. Read of go shopping who approach subjects which interest you and list the products which are introduced in the advertising areas.

Try to make a list 10 – 20 products. It is a very good beginning. To help you in this job, let us take as a concrete model. You identified an alcove holder and rapidly developing: the drivers Uber. To work, a driver Uber needs two things: a car and an iPhone. Here is a list of products which could interest the drivers Uber: suckers to fix the iPhone, the loaders of iPhone 6, cups of coffees, portable hoovers, deodorants

Once you identified products attached to an alcove, you must ask four questions:
  1. What is the size of the market?
  2. How many persons search these products every month?
  3. Are these products seasonal?
  4. What are your main rivals?
What is the size of the market?

You can answer this question by using your friend Google. As an example, you can find very fast articles mentioning among active drivers on Uber and more generally among statistics concerning the drivers of the platform. Also say that your alcove includes so more or less indirectly the drivers using others application of the same type. If the alcove is consequent, you must answer the second question.

How many persons search these products every month?

To answer this question, you can use the free tool “Google Keyword Planner”. You will know the number of persons who search every month – via requests of key words – the products which you listed. Point out: this tool is based on requests made on Google, and can therefore move away slightly from the volume of requests on Amazon. Nevertheless, it gives a good idea of request for this or that produced.

Are these products seasonal?

Google Keyword Planner does not allow to know if the products of your list are seasonal or not, that is to say if there are variations of request in the course of the year. For the constitution of your supply and for your marketing strategy, it is important to be able to answer this question. There is a very efficient tool for it, and entirely free: Google Trends.

What are your main rivals?

To answer this fourth and last question, you can use Amazon directly and enquire about the key products (the beep of sales). It allows to get information on your main rivals, on the products which they commercialize and on practiced prices.

It is important, in a general way, to use the research functionality of Amazon. Because it is necessary to know that today there are more persons who search products on Amazon where on Google. When you click on a product in the page of results, and which you scrolled right down to the bottom of the page produces, you can know which is its position in sales Amazon.

How to find suppliers for your products?

How to find suppliers for your products

Now that you identified products with very much potential which you are going to sell on Amazon, you must find suppliers. Concerning the research of suppliers, you have two main solutions:

If your product is perishable (foodstuff for example) or that it is about a product to apply to the skin (creams, beauty products), you must source you to local suppliers.

For all other products, the best suppliers are Chinese!

If you want to sell deodorants to drivers Uber, it is in China where you must stock up. More precisely: on, the suppliers’ first platform of the Empire of middle. While using this platform which you will find most faster and most easily of the suppliers. Let us put that we search cushions. We type “cushions” in the research bar. Suppliers’ list / products is offered. When they click on a product, they arrive on a page produces. Alibaba, until then, works exactly as Amazon.

Once you identified on Alibaba a product who interests you, you must follow several stages:
  • Contact the supplier to prove that shown price corresponds to real price, to get information concerning delivery time, cost of samples, quality control, offer of wholesale trade, location of the productive firm, etc.
  • Test samples of products, to be possible prove first-hand the quality of products and compare it with the quality of the products of your rivals. According to products and suppliers, samples are free or paid. At any rate, delivery is invoiced.
  • Prove that it is about a serious firm, with references. Use Google, ask for certifications or engage an inspector quality made responsible for visiting the firm.
  • Before hiring you, make calculations of profitability. Make sure that you are really winning. What assumes to make a calculation of all your expenses (including the cost of the product) and to compare it at the price of sale.

After reading the overall article, It’s understandable that to sell your product on Amazon you have to consider several factors to get fruitful result. Along with all necessary instruction, you should take in consideration that Image Editing is a vital part as your product images are one of the armors to get the interest of your customers. After Photo shoot of your images, if you want to get any modification or any possible changes then there are several Photo editing services which we do using advanced Photoshop techniques.

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